Soda Ash Dense Overview

Tradeasia has decades of experience in sourcing and selling Soda Ash Dense from world renowned sources situated in Europe, China, Russia, Turkey. The soda ash Dense is manufactured using following process

Solvay process

As explained in the above flow diagram concentrated brine is passed through two towers. In the first tower, ammonia is made to bubble up the brine for it to get absorbed. In the second tower, Carbon dioxide is made to bubble up using the ammoniated brine and sodium bicarbonate is precipitated out of the solution. Sodium bicarbonate then goes through calcination at 160oC-230 oC to give sodium carbonate. The reactions are as follows

1.Production of a saturated salt solution.

NaCl + H2O

2. Burning of limestone and the CO2 recovered while CaO is used in stage 7

CaCO3 → CaO + CO2

3. Saturation of the salt solution with ammonia

NaCl + H2O + NH3 + CO2

4. Precipitation of bicarbonate by adding carbon dioxide

NaCl + H2O + NH3 + CO2 → NH4Cl + NaHCO3

5. Filtration and washing of sodium bicarbonate

6. Thermal decomposition of sodium bicarbonate to sodium carbonate

2NaHCO3 → Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2

7. Production of milk of lime

CaO + H2O → Ca(OH)2

8. Recovery of ammonia by distillation of the mother liquor from stage 4 with milk of lime

2NH4Cl + Ca(OH)2 → 2NH3 + CaCl2 + 2H2O

Dense Soda Ash is a widely used chemical across various industries, owing to its versatility. It is one of the most important industrial chemicals.

Glass manufacturing

Soda ash dense helps to prevent segregation and solidification of the components entering the furnace, resulting in high-quality glass products. Helps in the 'workability' or shaping of glass articles such as tableware and float glass.

It is used to make flat glass, automotive industry, container or packaging glass for the preservation of beverages, fiber glass as reinforcement material it is also used for the making of lightbulbs, glass blocks, tableware etc.

Detergent and cleaning agents

They act as a builder in the formulation of soaps, detergent, and other cleaning compounds and also maximizes the power of cleaning agent to remove the dirt. Soda ash dense prevents agglomerations and provides optimum pH for the washing agents.

Wastewater and water treatment

It is used to purify or soften water, adjusting pH level to make water less corrosive thereby limiting pipe scaling. It removes hardness by soaking magnesium and calcium ions and helps remove contaminants from water.

Industrial Chemical

Many chemicals such as sodium phosphate, sodium silicates, sodium bicarbonate, sodium orthophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphates, sodium metabisulphite, sodium percarbonate, sodium metaphosphate etc. chrome and photographic chemicals are produced using soda ash dense as their prime raw material. Sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda is also manufactured using soda ash dense.

It is used as a raw material in industries like- fertilizer, cosmetic, petroleum, gelatin, mining, food, beverages, drugs, pharmaceuticals, rayon etc.


  • Soda ash dense used in mining and other industry as a leaching agent.
  • Soda ash dense is used in the removal of gases like sulphur dioxide and hydrochloric acid from stack gases, when sodium carbonate reacts with these gases produce less harmful gases. As environmental concern increases it demand in this field also increases.
  • Soda ash dense is used as an intermediate to manufacture products that are used as sweeteners in beverages and improve foods and toiletries.
  • In brick industry soda ash dense helps to reduce the water content in the clay that makes the task of molding the clay in the shape of brick easier.
  • Soda ash dense used as a sodium source for pulping liquors used in sulfite, CMP, CTMP and NSSC pulping. Soda ash dense proved as a great replacement of caustic soda in bleaching applications such as hydrogen peroxide bleaching of mechanical and chemical pulps due to its easy availability and cost effectiveness.
  • In taxidermy soda ash dense is used for preparing hunting trophies. It is added with water that removes flesh from the skull and bones of dead animals and human beings.


Synonyms: Carbonic acid, Sodium carbonate; disodium carbonate; soda ash
CAS No.: 497-19-8
Molecular Weight: 105.99
Chemical Formula: Na2CO3


Appearance: white odorless, granular
Total Base Content: 99.2% min (as Na2CO3 on Dry Base)
SODIUM OXIDE: 58.1% min (as Na2O on Dry Base)
SODIUM CHLORIDE: 0.05% max (as NaCl on Dry Base)
SODIUM SULFATE: 0.15% max (as Na2SO4 on Dry Base)
BULK DENSITY: 800 - 1100kg/m3
< 0.065 mm: 2.0% max
< 0.125 mm: 5.0% max
< 0.25 mm: 60.0% max
< 0.5 mm: 60.0% min
< 1.0 mm: 95.0% min


Packing: Light : 25kgs, 500kgs, Dense : 50kgs, 1mt in Bag
Hazard Class: Not regulated
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